Welcome to our new brand!

Hot Mumuz was relaunched in May 2018 as Adaptive Fitz Clothing, Solutions to Assisted Living & Aged Care. Prior to this Hot Mumuz had been operating since 2013 selling our Original Knit Day Dress and offering an ever-evolving range of Adaptive Split Back Clothing.

Hot Mumuz was created to fill the void when a major Australian retailer dropped the Day Dress in 2012. This had been a line that Ros had sold to this retailer for 8 years and at her old job was then left answering calls and enquiries from concerned customers who could no longer buy this dress. “What are we to do?”, “It’s the only dress mum wears!”, & “It’s the only dress that withstands the industrial laundries at Mum’s Aged Home!”

With stock from the original factory we commenced trading with a focus on Seniors and Aged Care residents. Whilst visiting the latter we were quickly educated in the benefits of Adaptive Split Back Clothing and were very concerned to see that this clothing was quite expensive and therefore beyond the reach of many who could benefit from dressing in adaptive clothing.

Having had lifetimes in all aspects of clothing manufacturing from our Ragtrade careers we knew we had the ability to bring QUALITY & AFFORDABLE Adaptivewear to the market. We would supply Adaptive Split back clothing affordable for all!

It has been quite a journey helping improve the lives of our customers as our business has evolved to meet the many needs Adaptive Split Back Clothing answers. You will find some styles are made in China, but the majority are proudly Australian Made. Just check the descriptions that include the place of origin.

Whilst Hot Mumuz was recognised in the market place for both Women’s and Men’s Adaptive Split Back clothing we felt the business had out grown its original name. Proudly ADAPTIVE FITZ CLOTHING now properly represents the business it is in!

Whilst we endeavour to stock all the basic items, you’ll find us adding little fashion input lines to help make your loved ones feel extra special. These will be limited offers, so follow us on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to hear about them.

We hope you will join with us at as we strive to help improve lives through quality & affordable ADAPTIVE FITZ CLOTHING, Solutions to Assisted Living & Aged Care.