(L2) SOPHIE - PEACH - SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT - Adaptive Fitz Clothing


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Split Back Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

Sophie's namesake was a remarkable woman. Emanating that European style, yet a  determined and courageous matriarch. Sophie raised 3 young girls into well educated women with a great love for family. 

Sophie Peach is a classic stylish print, yet understated in her warm peach and beige tones. Team it with and beige hues for a warm beautiful appearance.

These Sophie prints are very special to us and we love thinking of Sophie every time they are dispatched.

  • A great solution for those who require assisted dressing, people with disabilities, the elderly and the infirm
  • The design allows the T-Shirt to be slipped on without raising arms. It reduces over handling of the wearer and reduces the amount of lifting associated with normal clothing.
  • The back features a generous X-Over Split Back that allows the most constricted lady to be easily and comfortably dressed without the need to lift her arms.
  • Fabric is a comfortable Aged Care friendly stretchy Interlock Knit, which washes well in Industrial Laundries.
  • Fabric - Polyester Cotton Interlock Knit.
  • Made in China