(L2) FLORIADE - SAND - SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT - Adaptive Fitz Clothing


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Split Back Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

Floriade Sand is a very popular print that teams so well with camels, beiges and for a striking outfit even with lavender tones. Like it's sister in Mint it was named after the popular Floriade Festival held in Canberra. The Tones remind us of the summers looking across the rural plains, and if anyone grew up out there as Roz did, you'll remember it known Salvation Jane or Riverina Bluebell.

  • A great solution for those who require assisted dressing, people with disabilities, the elderly and the infirm
  • The design allows the T-Shirt to be slipped on without raising arms. It reduces over handling of the wearer and reduces the amount of lifting associated with normal clothing.
  • The back features a generous X-Over Split Back that allows the most constricted lady to be easily and comfortably dressed without the need to lift her arms.
  • Fabric is a comfortable Aged Care friendly stretchy Interlock Knit, which washes well in Industrial Laundries.
  • Fabric - Polyester Cotton Interlock Knit.
  • Made in China