Sleep Tee - Long Sleeves - NAVY with CONTRAST SLEEVES - Adaptive Fitz Clothing

Sleep Tee - Long Sleeves - NAVY with CONTRAST SLEEVES

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Split Back Long Sleeve Sleep Tee with Contrast Sleeves

  • Our Sleep Tee has been designed to look like a T-Shirt so the gentlemen will not appear to be in sleepwear throughout the day. This helps to reduce the need to change clothing if changing causes distress.
  • The back features a generous X-Over Split Back that allows the most constricted gentlemen to be easily and comfortably dressed without the need to lift his arms. Fabric is a comfortable Aged Care friendly stretchy Interlock Knit, which washes well in Industrial Laundries.
  • Our Split Back garments DO NOT have snaps or
    Velcro fastenings. Our garments are cleverly designed to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Fabric - Polyester Cotton Interlock Knit.
  • Proudly Made in Australia